Thursday, July 28, 2011


Gotta love em is what they say and I sure do.
Even with all the fighting that boys can do to see there brotherly love shine thoguh is such a blessing.
To watch them love on there little sister like she is there world makes me one blessed mummy, so glad God blessed with with my little Children I love them all so much, even when I see that grey hair mingle with another! see that extra wrinkle and those heavely lines from lack of sleep I wouldnt change the way my heart feels when I see my kids together just being them :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Schools out

and boy do I feel it!! Active boys and one baby girl really leaves me not alot of quite or alone time, havent had a date night in a while not that we are really use to those anyway!
Last week we spent the day at Tyler zoo the kids had a blast and where so good we didnt have to chase or yell once! That was so nice!.
Little Katie didnt fuss and she loved the penguins one just kept coming back!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Been a while

Since I used this blog page.

I am having to re do my house of blue name as in a matter of days we will not be a house of blue we are having our 1st baby girl, the boys are so excitied to have a sister and we are happy too, it will be a change to have a girl in the house and I am sure will add alot more trials and fun adventures.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ryan loves to hi 5

15 months, where has that time gone.

My 3 wonderful boys. Nathan top ( aged 5) bottom right (Matthew aged 7) and bottom left is Ryan aged 15 months.

Sometimes we sit and wish for our day to end, we are tired and sleepie and fed up and hot!! But sometimes when we sit and look, we relise that maybe the days go a little too fast, I find myself wishing I had spent more of the day wishing it not away but wishing I took the extra time to sit and play with the kids or to sit and just watch them.

Ryan has come so far in such a little time, he faught many illness that are not like cancer but can still result in bad after affects and could result in death if not found or treated. He has over come whopping cough, Jundise(yellowing), Roto virus, torticollis(neck issue) and now he is at the moment having phsyical threapy to help him walk which if has achived this month which makes us happy that he finally has the musle tone to carry his little self around.

He sleeps in his big boy bed which happens to be in the shape of a car and has adjusted well to it which is great for everyone.

Next step will be the wonderful potty training sessions and as you see he like to stand in it at the moment!!

My other boys are growing and showing some maturity, and they still keep me on my toes they are all such a blessing to me and I wouldnt change them or trade them for anything even in those rough I am going to pull my hair out day!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ryan's progress and 1st word

Well for being 6 months old, he sure has tackled some issues, 1st after his birth he got jundis, forgive the spelling, his count wanst high but not low it was 15 and after a few weeks it went away. Then while we where waiting for a well being for his 2 months in order to get shots, he got whooping cough! We had no idea and it took a long time and ryans doc to come back in order for him to run this test, even to his amazment he did not think the test would be pos.

we got over than after about 6 weeks. Then we noticed more about his neck and how it tilted so we got that looked at, it was torticollis, a very common mustle issue can be very bad or very mild, we where in the very mild and although its still there its really almost to the point of we dont even notice it.

I am glad to say he drinks from a sippie cup and loves it, he loves his solids and his fav is soup with pasta and veg, he has what we have no baby jar stuff unless we need it while out and due to him not liking the baby cereal he will eat the jar of baby cereal untill i can find one he can eat without needing it too mushed up! He loves apple juice, I call it apple water!! tiny juice and more water.!

TODAY WAS HIS 1st WORD we thought he said it yesterday, but wanst too sure but today we got a clear MUM MUM more than once though out the day.

He rolls and almost sits up without falling forward and have been told due to the neck issue this can delay them a little bit but his balance is much better now his neack isnt so much on one side!.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Breast feeding rooms are needed

Breast feeding is one of the oldest, most natural things we women have to offer our children, it's been done for many many years, there was never really much of a choice back in the day, so why is it as a culture that always looks for new ways and better ways to be more free do we still have such issue with women out in public, feeling like we have to hide to feed there babys cause we chose to breast. So many places I go to to feed my baby and told its not the place to do it, going to the chanigng rooms to be looked at and told it's not a feeding place, yet no where wants to provide a baby space.

In the UK many stores have a room for moms to go to change baby abd feed them and I dont mean a corner in the ladys wash room! I really wish more stores would make one changing room area a comfort space for us to freely change baby and or to feed in peace without fussying with blankets and holding baby and getting breast ready, all they need is one comfortable chair a stool and thats it one cubical, sitting on the hard bench feeding isnt fun, feeding in the toilet is far from nice.

In the UK tesco, a food store has a room, even supply wipes and diapers, mother care a baby store have the same and nice seating even one of the stores in a different town had a nice room with gliders and soft lullibies playing, toys r us had one even my local drug store had a room so why is it that in the USA land of progress is so behind in this service.

Would it really cost the store that much to give up one room? target and walmart just one large cubical in the ladys dressing area with one small rocer chair and stool, I would even be willing to donate a dollar every time I used it if that enable them to add a table with diapers to use.! I would spend more time shopping if they did!

Please feel free to add comments this appls to mothers who bottle feed, even those mothers should have the oppotunity to have a quite spot to sit and feed other than a stinky toilet!